Brewmaster Vikt

While the premise of this blog is set up to follow the pursuit of a specific title, I did manage to get my first one yesterday after registering for the Brew of the Month Club.

There’s a good chance I won’t rock the title for very long as it doesn’t really fit my “wannabe-badass” image of myself, but I guess you are not going to instantly come out with titles like “The Conqueror” and “Battlemaster” right from the get-go.

Of note I’ve had a lot of problems with my UI as of late and that feeling you get that everyone is smashed together in the pic is correct. I have had some crashing problems and a few of my add-ons are out of date, and while that had never hampered me before I believe it’s the reason that I am having issues. I randomly crash in Dalaran (no surprise) and I cannot seem to process Strand of the Ancients to the point where I have to petition a GM (twice now) to move me to Orgrimmar. I say all this because I had a request to post on my UI composition a while back, and just as soon as everything is all right in this world again I will get that up.


2 Responses to “Brewmaster Vikt”

  1. […] I was at this particular point (READ: how gimp I am). Despite said gimpness, in comparison to a recent post you would have to admit it is getting considerably better: +246 strength, +378 sta, +2544 armor, […]

  2. Oh and I took care of the problems in SotA, and all it took was to run the repair tool located within the WoW folder on your C:\ drive.

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