What’s Your Place in BG’s?

I think for now on I’m going to post achievements like this above. Kinda looks cooler. This one isn’t really hard to get necessarily, just one I never paid attention to. I got it in a game we lost because I was fed up with people sucking all over the map, so I went all John Rambo and completely vacated any sense of team play. Everyone I encountered in that particular AB was < level 74, so it blew my mind that we were getting beat as bas as we were so thus my running around like Master Chief on easy mode.

At any rate, I hadn’t been around Arathi Basin or Warsong Gulch because of the aforementioned AV nipple that presented itself, so I hadn’t paid that much attention to some of the 3.2 changes in pvp. When that went into effect, I remember being excited at the aspect of people actually wanting to stay and guard nodes in AB because of bonus honor. Well, they still don’t stay at nodes, and I offer the tale of 2 separate screen shots to convince anyone reading as to why they should.

The first one is a Warsong Gulch shot taken that same night, complete with lots of death and destruction and the end result (victory, honor gained). That is what it’s all about right, right? Getting kills, gaining honor and winning marks (perhaps gaining faction). Well, the second shot was Tahh and I sitting on the blacksmith by ourselves for the entire fight. We ran there and slaughtered the incoming 4 people with the help of a druid, and 10 minutes later we have 3 marks for winning as well as most kills AND most honor gained.

Explain to me why people still don’t do this?



One Response to “What’s Your Place in BG’s?”

  1. They arent smart like us? 🙂

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