C’Thun Revisited

While this is certainly not as big a deal back when it was appropriate – you know, like 3 years ago – my guild was doing some back achievements and set up a raid through AQ40.

The first trial at this was a disaster being it was a PUG, as getting past the twins proved to be too difficult a set of instructions for the masses to handle. We went back a few nights ago to finish it guild-only, and in case you were wondering C’Thun lasts about a minute versus level 80 dps – and there were just over 15 of us there.

I actually won a greed roll for the Eye of C’Thun forgetting all about the requirement of being neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu, so since my dumbass did that I won’t put it to waste despite being sure no one cares about that at all.


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