AV Nipple Capped

Just as I’ll likely forever remember Patch 3.2 as the one that radically changed Death Knights, I will likely always remember Patch 3.2.2 as not the one that reintroduced Onyxia – but rather the one that re-killed Alterac Valley.

Now don’t get me wrong, AV isn’t dead at all in comparison to what it was prior to the introduction of battleground experience gains. But as of yesterday’s patch, AV has seen its experience cut completely in half. Prior, at level 78 I was getting 25k xp for an AV victory, 19k for every enemy bunker and tower, and 19k as well for downing Balinda. A win inevitably translated into 25k + (5 x 19k) = 120k, and with every bunker that we managed to save (or Galvangar survived) we earned another 13k, putting the possibility at 120k + (5 x 13k) = 185k experience points in about a 15 minute stretch. These instances were instantly queued and could be run consecutively without fail at about any time of the day.

I owe a lot of my journey through the 70’s to this, though I think I have stayed at least moderately to the grindstone while questing in Dragonblight and Zul’Drak. I made the mistake on my last DK of spending my gold the instant I got it, and once I hit 80 I honestly never really did another quest. This time around I want to purchase my epic flying ability, but this whole superpowered AV leveling machine has cut into my gold flow a little bit. I guess what I am trying to say is that I’m glad I made the most of this opportunity while I had it.

The other noticeable change to AV involved removing level 70’s from the 61-70 group, putting them into the 70-79 bracket and alienating 80’s into their own which is really not that big of a deal.

Also, while searching for an image of Alterac Valley I found this comic called “Cru the Dwarf” via Google Image Search, which kind of plays out the botting phenomenon that is getting a bit more publicity as of late.



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  1. […] any rate, I hadn’t been around Arathi Basin or Warsong Gulch because of the aforementioned AV nipple that presented itself, so I hadn’t paid that much attention to some of the 3.2 changes in […]

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