Dick Move

In every game that I have played there has always been this sort of “code” that most people follow for no other reason than it is in place because the mechanics of the game fail to accomodate the masses. For example, in Everquest we had a Loot ‘n Scoot (LnS) policy for people you killed, where players were permitted to gather their belongings and leave the zone they were killed in. Well, in WoW, you really don’t have any.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t corpse camp unless people are being stupid, but for the most part a death whether to a player or an NPC does not mean a lot. Quests can be reset, experience is not lost to the point where an entire day is shot, and if you get killed on your way to an instance or something you can continually rez until you are close enough to finally zone in.

Well, I kind of pulled a great dick move that even I had to sit back and admire for its audacity. In working on the quest Betrayal in Zul’Drak, my first attempt ended with Drakuru at 120k because I essentially had no way to heal myself. Not wanting to go somewhere to pick up more health potions, I attempted it again to find a night elf hunter in progress. My first instincts was to destroy her, which I did, but then I only got killed by Drakuru because I couldn’t charm a troll quick enough.

And here’s where the dickeration comes in. Two attempts and no success, I fly around the zone to where I watch the hunter zone in again. I wait a moment, disguise myself and start the chain of events like normal, and immediately upon zoning in I charm a troll. What I didn’t anticipate was a level 80 priest hiding on a ledge healing the hunter, and upon getting dotted my troll dropped the dwarf in what appeared to be 2 hits. From there I attacked the night elf again, just barely killing her before her troll defeated Drakuru, and then just had mine finish off the last 35k hps.

I can’t seem to locate an armory account for the hunter, but the name was some iteration of “Wolfie”. Even during the events in the pic above a gnome showed up that I gripped and killed while this was going on, but ya, I kind of feel like an ass for ruining 2 different attempts. Hopefully I get corpse camped tonight or something to clear my conscience.


One Response to “Dick Move”

  1. You’re getting soft. You must world pvp more. 🙂

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