(No?) Axsun Jaxsun

I was in a fairly inept Warsong Gulch group yesterday trying to get a victory for the PvP Daily, and at one point in the battle I was running down from the graveyard where a pretty good Horde priest named Jaxsun (lvl 79) was getting lit up by Dakuan (lvl 74) & Solidius (lvl 73).

The flag was moving down our ramp, but instead of going after it I Chain of Iced the rogue and Death Gripped the warlock to me. The priest died as both Dakuan and Solidius were exceptional players to begin with, but just a few seconds after he died I killed both of them. I chained the rogue so he could run away and pulled the warlock close and strangulated him, so I’m not real sure what else I could’ve done for our featured priest in this instance.

Posting just in the event that Jaxsun at some point down the road or someone who knows him happens to be combing the archives of this blog, he can forever see that the one dude he yelled at in the one battleground that one unfortunate time just may be a pvping heterosexual after all.


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