Wrathgate & The Battle for Undercity

I finally pried myself away from Alterac Valley long enough to finish up the Dragonblight quests that enable you to become a Veteran of Wrathgate, as well as participate in The Battle For The Undercity. If you are curious as to the results of either of them, I linked the cutscene from the event in my Cataclysm post (second video) and Youtube has many people’s experiences in the battle.

While it sucks that we have to lose Saurfang the Younger, it only means that his old man is going to be a heavy figure in the assault on Arthas being that he’s already a high-member of the Warsong Offensive. Some rumors regarding the end of WotLK involve Saurfang leading the Horde whilst racing King Varian Wrynn and the Alliance, but obviously no one knows that yet and I will likely never see it so whatever.

I also promise that I do not role-play in game nor do I attend Blizzcon and dress up, I just kinda dig the lore.

At any rate, during the Undercity siege I do not believe you can die if you stay with Thrall and Sylvanas, so I use this opportunity to level up weapon skills. Being that I am not a raider and will be in-line for a welfare epic mace when I hit level 80, I picked up a two-hand mace in an earlier quest and took it exactly from 1-350 during this battle. Some screens from the quest series:



2 Responses to “Wrathgate & The Battle for Undercity”

  1. Nice. I just woke up. I might get to finish up my quests tomorrow night.

  2. […] you and others on the same quest will accompany Vol’jin to re-take Echo Isles similar to Wrathgate and The Battle for Undercity. Oh, and best part for the achievement hunter in you – you earn a Feat of Strength for doing it. […]

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