Don’t Call it a Comeback

The things of note in the above pic would be simply the chat log as the instance ended and the reason for such, being the amount of reinforcements the Horde had left over.

What a match. I came into it shortly after it had started and noticed a small group of defenders in our base with the rest being randomly scattered across the northern areas of the map. The Alliance were up decisively 497-310, so I ran to the Horde base from the entrance tunnel thinking it would be a quick match.  The Alliance were taking over the Frostwolf Graveyard and had already temporarily taken the towers outside of Drek’thar, so I joined a small group of defenders fighting to save the aid station before the inevitable eviction to where everyone tries to cap a graveyard before the match ends.

Then the unthinkable happened. Slightly less than 10 of us were able to destroy the spread-out Alliance army and completely re-take the Frostwolf camp. The northern force had already broken apart as they were unable to take the Stormpike towers or hold any other positions, so they turned out to be a bit surprised when Drek’thar didn’t go down and we were telling them to go get the towers.

They never did reassemble, but our small force had grown to nearly 20 and we moved as a single unit, continuously fighting our way north and basically slaughtering everything moving. I remember glancing at the reinforcements several times and it always seemed that we were 60 away from the Alliance, a number I had given up on when it was at 60 and 120. As it got closer though, a few rogue groups managed to take out a few towers and we finally tied the Alliance at 8-8, to which we went on to win with 4 remaining.

My numbers are fairly ridiculous in this fight considering I was only still level 74 at the time (I hit 75 in the next AV), but it just goes to show what a group can do when moving as a single unit. The Alliance forces were not void of insanely hit-pointed paladins or Furious gear-toting gladiators, but we really buckled down and flat out stole this one.

The 3 tokens awarded from this win also put me at 50, which allowed me to add another war wolf to the family.



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