Quest Dorks

I had about 10 minutes and was trying to finish off a Dalaran daily before I had to log and I coincidentally flew into a level 80-fest of Alliance doing the same. Being a level 72 I politely busted for the rocks and threw my line in, thinking I could catch the ghostfish in just a few minutes before anyone noticed…to which I was wrong.

I actually watched Loremaster Napoles fly over top of me, stealth, and kill me without me having much of a shot. Now again I’m 72, he’s 80 and obviously has been for a very long time…pretty sure a trained monkey wins that fight. He apparently felt he had to stealth and be sneaky.  Is that a rogue thing? Overkill? At any rate, he owned me and when I rezzed I tried to run across the water to mount up but he killed me again.

I’ve played on PvP servers since 2000, no big deal. People being idiots on both sides is not something unfamiliar to me, and I certainly don’t get overheated over something that trivial. I guess I’m not real sure if I take issue more with the fact that he killed me as soon as he saw me rez or that he stealthed as if anyone wouldn’t see that coming – I mean I dunno, seems like me pulling out my gargoyle to own people in Elwynn Forest.

Don’t mistake me for that guy on the forums that posts the “Fag Pkers” post on the realm forums where they want the community to make a list of all the people that *gasp* player-kill others. Rather, I just thought this guy killed me like a dork.


5 Responses to “Quest Dorks”

  1. “Killed me like a dork” That’s funny stuff man!!

  2. omg nonopkexponleepreese?

    bai gold?

    I wish we had more control over that noffogin(sp?) elixer. I like the shrink effect.

  3. You know I didn’t even really think about that – I could’ve shrunk myself via Noggenfogger or Pygmy Oil, which I now have an assload of thanks to the Dalaran fishing dailies. In fact, every day I get 3-5 more of them.

    But ya, hilarious. He flies right in front of me on a drake, which is larger than my entire screen when close up, then stealths and sneaks up and kills me.


    • Yeah, I would say he is a dork. I go stealth on lowbies just to try to one shot them. I think he just sucks and probably needed the advantage. I would have just walked up, gave you the finger, and then stabbed you in the face.

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