Close One

Just curious, but how can there be an achievement in Arathi Basin regarding winning by less than 10 points…yet nothing of the like in Alterac Valley? AB would come down to a contest of ticks and generally it’s pretty close if neither team sucks, but in AV you go a long way to get to this point.

I really wrote this one off too. Horde had been on a roll lately starting about 11pm EST for the last few nights, but after this one started 37 on 20 you saw Galvangar go down really quick as well as our 2 outer towers. I tried to cap Stonehearth Bunker before getting owned by Proh from Stormrage (him and his 17k hps), and then after dying to a few large groups of Alliance I said screw it and started working on the quests given near the original zone-in point in Alterac Valley.

Can’t say I factored greatly into what happened, but near the end I was on the front lines trying to slay anything moving and defend the 2 towers at our base. In this game the Horde was quickly down 570-300, but while I was buried in the gnoll cave (which cannot be bypassed by sprinting through it – proved that twice) the Horde made a helluva comeback as more people entered the battle. With the Alliance needing less than 10 resources diminished to win, a rogue group of Horde managed to down Vanndar Stormpike to deplete the remaining 130 resources needed to win the match.


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