First Night w/ the Axe

I was pretty impressed in my initial night with the axe. First thing I did was to run through Ragefire Chasm and later Razorfiend Downs to skill it up a bit, but after that I was money in the 3 games of Warsong Gulch I had.

You’ll notice the damage is pretty disgusting in comparison with what I was playing with, and you’ll also notice that every instance ended up in a 3-0 Horde victory. I did manage to land in an Alterac Valley very shortly before receiving my 3 honor awards, and in the next match was doing considerably well before suffering an error that exited me from the game. Oh well.


2 Responses to “First Night w/ the Axe”

  1. 3-0 WSG runs are nice. Now that they put in a time limit for games, you dont see those 45 minute WSG battles anymore. Makes for more of a challange I think.. Grats on the new wolf mount! Still cant decide if I want to buy mine.

  2. I thought that I may be against it when they originally implemented the time limits, but my lasting memories of WG were usually me grinding honor with my Human DK because I knew ahead of time that the Alliance wasn’t going to win there. Now that I’m in a position where I want the marks, I particularly enjoy the time limit because now I know I can jump into the BG and finish it in a set amount of time while still getting the compensation that I want.

    Old world games of AV very regularly went multiple hours, and I even participated in one (likely with you) for 8 hours that still did not end. While I’ve never had a WG instance like that, I have put 1.5 hours into one before – there’s just some configurations of people that are plain ass moronic when it comes to objectives.

    But ya, if I know I need to be somewhere in 45 minutes I know that I can get a quick match in. All the other BG’s have some sort of cutoff point as well, so it was only a matter of time before WG got one.

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