Axe of Frozen Death

Last night I went psycho and stayed up until 2am in order to get my Axe of Frozen Death, which I have coveted for level 69 PvP since I went to the Outlands. While you will likely never find DPS parses, talent specs for anything other than PvP or best-in-slot posts on this site, as an orc this is the weapon I have coveted.

The moment I hit level 68 (coincidentally in the same Alterac Valley battleground where I observed Chicks) I went to Northrend with the intention of getting the Mightstone Helm, Mightstone Leggings and the axe. In doing this, I wanted to gain as little xp as possible so that I had maximum PvP time before leveling out of the 60-69 bracket. Unfortunately I did not make the best of my time (I went back and forth a few times for a few afk’s), and I ended up level 69 shortly before receiving my axe. It wasn’t until after I had the axe that I discovered there was a path out to the southwest that enabled you to travel without fighting a million mobs (all granting rested xp in my case), but you know – live you learn. The real purpose of this post though is to simply list exactly what the pre-requisites were for me to receive the final quest that ends with the picture above.

The quest that rewards this item is Hellscream’s Champion, given to you by Garrosh Hellscream in Warsong Hold and turned in at Taunka’le Village. In order to receive this quest you must first (obviously) be level 68, and you must have finished several quest chains.

First, The Defense of Warsong Hold starts with High Overlord Saurfang and according to Wowhead ends with Tank Ain’t Gonna Fix Itself. This is not true. After finishing the tank quest that just has you talk to the goblin, you must complete the salvaging quests to the north in the mist and you must do the tank quest entitled The Plains of Nasam.

Next, Untold Truths begins with Shadowstalker Luther in the quarry and will take you to Get to Getry, an undead rogue that will ask you to help him kill the nearby elite in a quest entitled Foolish Endeavors (don’t sweat the quest, it’s cake). Following slaying the elite, word is that you do not have to finish the remaining quests of that chain, but I did (being Nork Bloodfrenzy’s Charge to Vermin Extermination).

The last series for this axe is east of Warsong Hold in the field with the moths. This series starts at The Wondorous Bloodspore with Bloodmage Laurith and ends with Trophies of Gammoth. Following completion of these quests you will have the option to finish Hellscream’s Champion by riding a wolf out of the stable to Taunka’le Village where you send word and receive the item.


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  1. […] as I did with the Axe of the Frozen Wastes post a while back, I just wanted to give a quick run-down in layman’s terms as to the quest chains […]

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