Ever Feel Alone?

Sadly, I had several games like this yesterday around noon. We did start significantly disadvantaged, but incompetence was in full effect nonetheless throughout. Do recall that I am only level 67.

Also, if you ever need Warlock advice in battlegrounds, seek out “Chicks” on Mannoroth. My god these are amazing numbers:



4 Responses to “Ever Feel Alone?”

  1. Hey Vikt,

    It’s Chicks from Mannoroth … I am flattered :))) … I could give you a better screenshot 😛 … I did 108 kills .. 0 death and over 1 million dmg LOL … what can I say .. just love pvping … see ya .. and thank you for your blurp .. and guys please don’t whisper me while I am killing 😛 .. it happens so often .. if u do don’t expect a quick response LOL

  2. Casters that destroy in battlegrounds amaze me anyway. I always tell people that movement is one of biggest skills to perfect in PvP, but as a former warrior and now a DK my job is a bit more forgiving than a cloth wearer. I can talk for hours about how to contribute the most in BG’s or world PvP … as a tank.

    A warlock, mage or priest that manages to stay alive (it’s usually warlocks I’ve found) and stay on top of the leaderboards during matches are just amazing to me, and when I saw your numbers I just couldn’t let go of the accomplishment. The fact that you more than doubled the next person in damage just shows how important cloth classes are to have (vs the traditional all-DK BG) and even further shows the ability of the class with your normal warlock behind the helm vs. the few that take the time to perfect it.

  3. Locks still rock in pvp. Even the steady swinging of the nerf bat hasnt diminished their power. Good job staying alive and pushing out all that dmg Chicks. Warlocks have crazy staying power.

  4. […] you’ve just capped yourself into a stalemate. Also, you know how much of a sucker I am for a well-played warlock, and as you can see Fadedness of Lothar is pretty […]

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