PvP in Nagrand

When I was creating my ideal level 69 DK you may recall that I specified getting the Slayer’s Leggings, but after 2 weeks there and only 2 Halaa Battle Tokens I realized that it simply wasn’t going to happen. Nagrand has proved to be thriving with PvP, however the only PvP that occurs around Halaa is the level 80’s who wait to gank you at the wyvern bombing stands.

We did occasionally manage to get some level 80 help, like with a dwarf paladin named Tseric. He made it a pain for us while we took Halaa, and slaughtered us a bit until some hordies whined enough to get some higher levels to back us up. From there, Tseric hovered above us shouting for a level 80 hunter who was with us to fight him 1 on 1 – well, I had enough, and Tseric apparently forgot about my ability to death grip him down to the ground…yay team.

With this basically being the case at Halaa, I took my thirst for blood around the zone as I quested – even stopping to slay the occasional alliance peacefully fishing alongside the mountain.

Anyway, since patch 3.2 I went on a week’s vacation and had a break from the game so I haven’t really made much progress, but tonight I finished my quests in Nagrand and am now in the process of scrapping the last few xp points together to hit level 68 to quest in Northrend. Once there I can outfit myself so that I am more prepared to finish leveling out of the 69 bracket in Battlegrounds themselves before I permanently relocate to the land of Wintergrasp before level 75 or so when I can quasi-compete in PvP again.


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