1000 Honorable Kills

WoWScrnShot_080609_000149Few days late, but I did manage to hit 1000 Honorable Kills the same night I earned my first AV victory. I took for granted winning that battleground when I was playing for the Alliance, but that was the only instance we could ever repeatedly win.

Well, Monday night the Horde was out in full effect and we were starting the instance with something like 35-12 and just managed to roll the Alliance a few times in battles that ended when resources were depleted versus killing the final leader. Great night of PvP, happy that Akahn saw to it that I joined at the right times.


2 Responses to “1000 Honorable Kills”

  1. Huntartahh Says:

    right after you logged I got into an AV where Horde won. Then jumped to the next AV and we got rolled. Win some, lose some.. BTW.. post up some of your UIs!

  2. I haven’t forgotten the UI post, just waiting for the rest of them to be updated to conform to 3.2 before I recommend someone download an outdated mod.

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