Taking Hellfire Peninsula

Not that I think anyone really needs any help taking the 3 PvP nodes in Hellfire, but I really needed a reason to post a few more pictures from there before I started getting into my PvP-heavy experiences in Nagrand.

At any rate, the easiest way to take these objectives is obviously going to be with the “more the merrier” approach. Generally people attempting to take these are solo players who are looking for nothing more than to accomplish their daily quests, and usually anyone who enters will turn back around the instant they see either a higher level or multiple characters. Some will apparently even attempt to flee off the top of the structure with 1/4th health, see below:

The main thing is to be alert as to what is going on. Don’t sit on your mount and wait for someone to enter from one of many entry points to get the jump on you, because generally when two equal-level players battle the one who started it will win.  When you’re at the Overlook, position yourself with your back into a corner or make use of the stairway to the northeast or the enclosed path on the second level on the east.  The second and third option will also shield you from the passing level 80 who decides a readily accessible lowbie needs to die for trying to turn a node orange.

Same for the other 2 nodes, at the Stadium you have several entrances but generally the ramp leading down to the pit is the less traveled one and will again shield you from the passing, flying-mounted level 80. When at the stadium be sure to keep an eye on the progress bar, and if it stops progressing you know you have company. At Broken Hill I generally put my back on the wall up against the pit, and while that access point can be entered fairly easily it receives little traffic as the heavily-traveled path lies to the south of the node that serves Alliance on their way throughout the zone.

The last picture is just a word to the wise in using the Local Defense channel. In this particular instance I was running with my brother when we saw an Alliance node turn gray, so I was using /2 to see where the progress meter was and where they were heading next. Sure enough, David Weathers of the Cincinnati Reds comes out of the bullpen and serves up a home run that costs the Reds the game, and unfortunately my frustration gets accidentally vented in a public channel.


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