3.2 Unholy PvP Build (2h)

150% flight speed at level 67 for about 600 gold…man how I love it when Blizzard dumbs down the game for the casual masses.

At any rate, I’ve actually received a few emails asking what spec I would be running and up until today I hadn’t decided. After giving it probably way too much thought, the fact is that I am about to get a badass 2h quest axe from Northrend to tear up the level 69 PvP bracket so I am going to stay with a 2h build. In addition, I really love the unholy tree and I’m not necessarily wanting to learn the blood spec quite yet, despite it appearing more favorable in terms of tanking and dps right now. In theory I will be leveling more than anything, and AE leveling is much more productive to me than the alternative.

If anything, this spec is what I will be aiming for until I talk myself into something else (or buy the dual-spec feature). Not shown on this spec is an additional 3 talent points, of which I am undecided on what I want to use them for. I like the magic resistance from the Unholy tree and have had it in the past, but I also spec’d out of it at a later date because I felt I could better use the points. As of right now though, I have absolutely no idea whether to get that or Improved Unholy Presence or something else, but will be sure to provide the decision as soon as it is made.


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