Level 69 DK Beast

69 twink03

Last week I featured a gearset template for an aspiring level 59 DK twink and how I would go about doing so (by major stamina stacking), and did it with equipment that was readily available for purchase via the Auction House. This post was done mainly because, well 1) I can’t find any others on the ‘net and 2) apparently I like sharing ideas on occasion. The premise of that build was that DK abilities and weapons were already superpowered at that level to where all you need was to be able to stay alive.

For this post I’m going to switch it up. This list is what I am going to shoot for before reaching level 69, my next self-imposed stopping point where I’m going to finally grind that Black War Wolf I’ve wanted since vanilla-WoW. I do not plan to spend a lot of money to obtain this gear and most of it comes from crafted items or quest turn-ins, with exceptions like the Tenacious Defender being an item I already obtained in a dungeon and see no reason to replace. Of note I am a jeweler and intend on equipping a few items crafted myself, and have an alt-300 skill blacksmith that I intend to have make a few pieces as well.

Head: Overlord’s Helmet of Second Sight
Neck: Necklace of the Deep
Shoulders: Warchief’s Mantle
Back: Perfectly Balanced Cape
Chest: Adamantite Breastplate
Wrists: Adamantite Plate Bracers
Hands: Adamantite Plate Gloves
Waist: Tenacious Defender
Legs: Slayer’s Leggings
Feet: Boots of the Decimator
Finger: Band of the Victor
Finger: Heavy Felsteel Ring
Trinket: Insignia of the Horde
Trinket: Mercurial Stone

Main Hand: Axe of Frozen Death
Relic: Sigil of the Dark Rider

For the 59 twink there wasn’t any socketing available, but with the Burning Crusade gear I am able to add quite a bit of them in addition to enchants (with the only exception being the Auction House-bought boots). The helm will be socketed with a Solid Sky Sapphire (+24 sta), a Mystic Autumn’s Glow (+16 res) and a Smooth Autumn’s Glow (+16 crit) with a +18 stamina enchant; the necklace with 2 Bold Scarlet Ruby’s (+16 str ea.); Bold Scarlet Ruby and an Inscribed Monarch Topaz (+8 str, +8 crit) on the shoulders; +22 agility enchant on the cloak; 2 Solid Sky Sapphires, Bold Scarlet Ruby and a +8 all stats enchant on the chest; Balanced Twilight Opal (+16 atk pwr, +12 sta) and a +50 attack power enchant on the bracer; Bold Scarlet Ruby and a Sovereign Twilight Opal (+8 str, +12 sta) with the Crusher enchant (+44 atk pwr) on the gloves; Bold Scarlet Ruby and Inscribed Monarch Topaz with a +4 all resistances enchant on the belt; Inscribed Monarch Topaz on the legs; Icewalker enchant (+12 crit, +12 hit) on the boots; and a Bold Scarlet Ruby on the ring.

These additions not only raise my hit points more than what is normal, but it also stacks me up with a load of strength, additional attack power and a touch more of critical strike potential.  All-in-all, for not a lot of cash and a little bit of farming (which I would do anyway to raise tradeskills) I am able to create an absolute animal in the battlegrounds.

If all else fails, I can always just quest in Northrend for all Mightstone gear which is much higher in armor, and in a few cases better items for the time spent anyway.


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