Hellfire Peninsula


Since moving to Outlands I haven’t participated in any battlegrounds, and presently am sitting just shy of level 65. I kind of can’t figure out why I’m still there though, as I am pretty sure I was in Zangarmarsh with my other DK by level 63. At any rate, I have to say I’m somewhat pleased with the PvP objectives in the zone and how often they are sought after in comparison to my last experience on a PvE server.

I have made it a point to do the Hellfire Fortifications every time I log on, which is just taking the 3 different nodes in the middle of the zone. The best part of being on a PvP server is that while questing in the vicinity, you’re guaranteed to see the Alliance neutralize your zone at some point and thus immediately tell you exactly where they are. To boot, you get a Mark of Thrallmar for every honorable kill while fighting for the objective, so it only took me 3 nights to buy the Circlet of the Victor. And yes, because I am a moron who tries to play half asleep sometimes I purchased the wrong ring (bought the caster version).


It has been a blast thus far and I am looking forward to checking out the objectives in Zangarmarsh as well as fighting in Halaa later on, as neither zone amounted to much in the PvE realm. I have spotted the Slayer’s Leggings as my ideal, obtainable level 69 PvP greaves so I am really looking forward to beginning to save up PvP tokens for them. I guess for now I will just concentrate on getting my Thrallmar marks back so I can purchase (and socket) the correct ring this time.


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