Funding Those Flying Lessons

I’m a devout follower of Just My Two Copper for all my gold-making ideas, and up until I decided to become a Jewelcrafter I was making great money as an Herbalist/Miner.  So now that all the fruits of my mining go into producing gems, I have to be on the lookout for money-making opportunities.

Well, here’s one. If you read a bit at JMTC, you get an understanding of how people utilize popular addon “Auctioneer“, and one of the way it works is to record the market price that items are selling for and average them together. An informed user of this program will search the Auction House for opportunities to buy something listed below the market rate, and then in turn list said item closer to its rate to make a minimal profit. Doing this a million times over makes you rich, and if you don’t believe me ask Wal-Mart.

Well, recipes are typically listed very high, and unfortunately people must actually sell them because they don’t come down a lot.  I like to buy various recipes at lower starting areas (mostly Cooking), list them between 2-4 gold with a 6 gold buyout and typically sell them. In this instance, I purchased 5 of these recipes  from Master Chef Mouldier in Ghostlands for 4 silver a piece. When I went to list it, the only other recipe being sold of it was selling for 40 gold, and I listed it as what you see above.

So here’s another lesson to you rookie Auctioneer users – make sure you scan the Auction House quite a few times before outright buying up everything.


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