Finally Some Grief

It took long enough, but I finally received my first reminder that I re-rolled on a PvP server.

Standing by the mailbox outside of the Inn at Thrallmar I was knee-deep in a total bag-emptying message to my bank alt when something dropped on me, a spell hit and then a melee swing and I was dead. Very impressive.  I thought it was pretty cool that a pally had came in to wreek a little havoc, but I watched several level 80’s fly in and I knew it was just a matter of time before this guy was removed from the zone. Sure enough, a DK, shaman, and a warlock along with the assistance of about 10 guards managed to drop him.  I tried like hell to get an HK off of it, but every time I got close he made sure to turn and one-shot me.


Dormammu, an Arena Master and god knows what other titles, had taken time out of I’m sure his busy schedule to come to Thrallmar to show us his complete set of Furious PvP gear.  I, for one, was tickled to see that yes, a level 63 plate class can be 2-shotted from full health and that paladins with elite gear are even proportionately harder to kill than the poorly geared noobs you encounter in most battlegrounds. But this guy wasn’t about to stop here.

He rezzed his body and the DK left, but without missing a beat the pally was back in tearing through our base again.  Nazgrel, the quest-giving badass of the fort was dispatched of in fairly quick time by the pally as well as all of the rest of the leaders in that building.  I was quasi-afk through a lot of the thing, but it’s not as if I was going to do anything about the destruction path he was leaving anyways.  I think I died in the neighborhood of 10 times throughout this whole thing.


Local defense chat was mocking him and calling him a “fail OP pally” after he was killed by the 40 or so that got him down, but nothing really came back up after his second attack…probably because everyone was perma-dead.  Even when the warlock and shaman would team up they went down very quickly, and I watched the pally chew up a different DK in the inn without dropping more than 1k hit points.

All-in-all, awesome, glad to see the Alliance has some bloodthirsty characters and I can’t wait to get a shot at this guy when I have more business trying to. I had the opportunity to leave several times but enjoyed watching the massive guard trains following him around as he slayed person after person, but finally he mounted up and left and I decided to make the trip to Shattrah to bind before he decided to tear us apart for round #3.


2 Responses to “Finally Some Grief”

  1. […] I become the dick. I live for that stuff. I level my character in a sense of danger, and I even commended the first time I got my ass handed to me repeatedly by an Alliance character. I respect people wanting a fair […]

  2. […] I can post the good ones I can sure post the bad ones. This one is significant because of Dormammu, which if you just clicked his name now remember me praising him for camping my level 63-ass back […]

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