Level 59 DK Beast

While I have never been overly fond of twinking a lower level character (I normally only concentrate on my main), I can’t help but think of the possibilities of what I could do to Vikt in order to effortlessly wreck terror on the masses.  I encountered quite a few opponents at level 59 with more than 6500 hit points, and while I’d like to say I killed them all – truth be told I got owned quite a bit.

If I were to want to stay in the 51-59 circuit and create a Death Knight machine, I would definitely roll a frost spec similar to this (apologies for the 3.2 calculator), take up Engineering as my profession and load up on stamina gear to make myself unkillable.  My gear would look like so:

Head: Foreman’s Reinforced Helmet
Neck: Fire Opal Collar of Stamina
Shoulder: Grimscale Pauldrons of Stamina
Back:  Perfectly Balanced Cape
Chest: Grimscale Armor of Stamina
Bracer: Plated Saronite Bracers
Hands: Sunstrider’s Gauntlets
Waist: Ango’rosh Belt of Stamina
Legs: Grimscale Legguards of Stamina
Feet: Greaves of Slaughter
Finger: Rubellite Ring of Stamina
Finger: Rubellite Ring of Stamina
Trinket: Goblin Rocket Launcher
Trinket: Goblin Rocket Launcher

Weapon: Halberd Polearm of Stamina
Relic: Sigil of the Dark Rider

The helm and gauntlets enchant would be Heavy Knothide Armor (+10 sta), Superior Agility on the cloak (+16 agi), Exceptional Health on the chest (+150 hps), Major Stamina on the bracers (+40 sta), Nethercleft Leg Armor on the legs (+40 sta, +12 agi), and Greater Fortitude on the boots (+22 sta).

All said and done you’ll rock in with 9,539 hps but you’ll sacrifice attack power and crit percentage, but in battlegrounds the more you stay alive the better off you are anyway.  I would certainly go for a more balanced build and gearset say with an Arena composition, but this right here would be my level 59 DK beast.


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