Quickest Wintergrasp Ever

Goon Squad of the Mal’Ganis PvP Realm managed to capture Wintergrasp in record time by finally proving some worth of the Engineering profession. At the beginning of the match they parachute down from the top of the door to the relic and hurl Saronite Bombs at it until it crumbles.

And to think, on my previous DK I was convinced that Engineering wasn’t good for anything.

Goon Squad is a guild boasting more than 1800 members, and takes pride in their actions much in the way I wish all PvP guilds did. Hopefully when my crew and I reach level 80 we can use our imaginations in World PvP to create something video-worthy.

Other Goon Squad feats:
Mal’Ganis Flightmaster Hostage Crisis
Blowing Up Ironforge
Azeroth Airlines
The Scarab Lord Parade

Plenty of other things to occupy your time on their homepage as well.


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