Arathi Basin All-Star

Despite playing in some absolutely horrible battlegrounds over the last few days I did manage to snag this achievement, which is obviously awarded for assaulting and defending 2 bases in a single match.

The match started out as most have typically, with the Alliance having 13 and us having 4.  I don’t know if it’s my awareness or just desire to get out and cap a flag real quick, but I beat everyone to the Farm for a quick cap and I was still first to the Blacksmith after that.  The loan Alliance member who went BS saw me and turned around and ran as if I look any scarier than any other DK at level 59, so I capped the second node before I saw the entire Alliance group run to the Farm to take that from the 2 people defending it.

You get the picture.  I managed to arrive at the Mine at the right time to help 2 people clear 2 attackers and turned around to save a flag, and then admittingly sort of timed a group of 3 Alliance taking the BS knowing they were pushing for a 5-cap.  By this I mean I hid by the entrance to the Berserker/Healing buff, and when the last one left I ninja’d the node back for my 2nd defense.  The game ended with the Alliance having 15 and us having 10, but such is the life when you play the less-populated faction.

But hey, just because you lose 2000-80 doesn’t mean you can’t progress your character in some sense!


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