3.1 Unholy PvP Build

Being that this is more a journal than it is informative, I wanted to note somewhere the talent build that I have used for WoW Version 3.1 between my original DK and this one.  With 3.2 due to launch any day and once again radically change the Death Knight class, I will without a doubt be sampling the other builds after the patch and will someday want to look back on my character’s evolution.

Unholy PvP
Unholy has largely been the way that I have enjoyed playing since I originally started, and being that it is about to lose a lot of its effectiveness with AE damage I will likely stick with it until the patch changes it. One thing that I have always found that works well in BG’s is AE damage, as it sends everyone into a frenzy when they see themselves being hit, whether it be a minor hit from Death ‘n Decay or being stacked 3-deep in diseases.  My main spec went as such:

Unholy 0/17/54

This spec always allowed me to keep 3 diseases on all targets by keeping Pestilence refreshed, and another cool thing about it was that every person that I used Chains of Ice on was given Frost Fever in addition. These diseases generally create a sense of panic, which to me faired far better than bursting on one target and perhaps not finishing the job. At least with Unholy you unloaded and then watched them seek out a heal while you continuously rooted them.

The big sales on this build is naturally the Ghoul, the Gargoyle and Scourge Strike, but it includes several other nice perks.  Lichborne is your second “get out of root, free” card following the trinket, Death Coil and Death ‘n Decay hit harder, Unholy Blight contains a significant amount of damage when kept active and Bone Shield helps your damage mitigation.

What I eventually finished with was slightly different though, as after leveling to 80 it was apparent that casters got a nice boost in damage with 3.1.  Being that I did not necessarily enjoy getting 3-shotted, I decided to switch some stuff around to add the Magic Supression and Anti-Magic Zone which was a welcome addition during big fights in Alterac Valley and Wintergrasp.  I have also used a variation of this spec to include Improved Icy Touch, but doing this lacked the firepower it once had with the Shadowfrost spec.

Overall this spec has accounted for about 8k kills between my 2 Death Knights, and I will be hard-pressed to get as many as I can in remaining time until my ability to do this is taken away from me.


3 Responses to “3.1 Unholy PvP Build”

  1. For teh Horde!

    Race ya to 100k!

  2. Oh it’s on like Donkey Kong brother!

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