500 down, 99500 to go


On my albeit slow-moving quest to 100,000 honorable kills I managed to reach the first achievement marker in route.  I went into a Warsong Gulch battle only 16 short but was basically destroyed, as we assumingly ran into the proverbial brick-wall of a pre-made, but shortly following my first experience of being Graveyard camped on this character I had a helluva game in Arathi Basin to restore order in my virtual world.

We began the match down 3 players from the Alliance’s 12, but managed to jump out to an 80-10 lead.  At that point the Alliance began zerging nodes one by one, and by chance they happened to have the Stables, Blacksmith, Lumber Mill and Farm which made every resurrection occur at the Horde graveyard.  Knowing the a-typical Alliance Battleground player I chose not to join everyone else in taking back the Farm, to which I rode directly to the Mine to claim it followed by just needing to kill a single 59 Priest at the Stables to take that.  Alliance were resurrecting at the Lumber Mill (for some reason) so I waited that out from the Stables before going up when a large amount of them gathered to run down the mountain towards the farm again.  Just like that, I claimed 3 flags in less than 3 minutes.

They held on for a brief while until other Hordies began noticing this as well, and while 4 of us were giving the Alliance hell at the Farm, the rest of us 4 capped them and wound up trading between 3 full nodes and 4 until finally 5-capping after going up 1800-1200.  The other achievement I received on the battle was Resilient Victory, as at one point it was 900-200 in favor of the bad guys.

My contribution:



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