Hitting My Stride

I know, I know.

“Ooooooh, a DK mashed his buttons and owned a battleground!”

The funny thing is, DK’s in the 51-59 bracket are ridiculous characters because they’re in completely intended high-level blues for that bracket.  I mean think about it, usually when you’re running thru your levels now you don’t really even so much as make a pit-stop at 59 because the levels just fly by at this point.  You maybe hit BRS, Strat or Scholo in there and possibly landed a blue weapon or a piece of gear, but DK’s are completely decked out in a set with a weapon with a very powerful spell set at this point.

But my main reason in posting this and I promise not to be a scoreboard poster because no one really gives a damn, but if I get to level 80 and am complaining about getting owned you can at least know that I have somewhat of a clue as to what I’m doing.  In this particular game I came in down 0-1 and we came back to win 3-1, and my numbers were as shown.  I also managed another few wins at Arathi Basin that were mostly dominant, and I am yet to enter an Alterac Valley with more than 17 horde online so I usually opt out of the raping when AB/WG pop up.


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