Domino Effect


After messing around in Gadgetzan the other day I went back and raised my Jewelcrafting as high as I possibly could before I will start mining Mithril.  While my friends level up to meet me I have done a pretty decent job of raising all of my tradeskills up to par, so following the sporadic HK obtained in Tanaris by seeing a colored Alliance character run outside the Gadgetzan walls, I flew to Thunder Bluff to buy the Bristle Whisker Catfish recipe to fish enough and raise my Fishing & Cooking up to 200.

I only play during the week for an hour or two most nights, and after two days of doing this I was ready for blood.  I queued up both WG and AB, where WG had 2 ongoing battles and AB had 0.  When I did this, AB popped up immediately which essentially means that I am going to be 1 out of 5 against 15 Alliance.  No thanks.  I waited for a brand new WG and went that route.

It started off average, for the most part we all ran straight to the ramp except for I think 2 of us had to go attack that 1 lone Alliance that thought guarding the tunnel was important, no big deal.  I ran in to get the Berserker buff but somehow lost the crowd, and when I got into the flag room I was met by a 54 priest and a 59 mage.  The mage thankfully wasn’t very good, so after 4-hitting the priest I mind-froze the mage and chewed thru her fairly quickly as well.  I grabbed the flag and ran unnoticed until our side of the map, to which I used a speed potion when I ran by a small skirmish to where 2 Horde were fighting an Alliance DK.  As I neared our tunnel our flag was picked up, and by this time a Tauren shaman had joined me and we easily killed the rogue that had taken our flag in the tunnel.  1-0 Horde.

From here it starts to get rough.  If it tells you anything, one of the statements made in /bg was “HEAL ME I HAVE THE MOST HK’S”. Hopefully it’s a cry for acknowledgement for a guy trying to keep them out of the flag room or something but it wasn’t, he set up below the Alliance graveyard and attacked anything coming out with 2 other people who I can only assume were pre-made, Nand then often was overwhelmed when his depleted trio ran into anything assumingly not consisting of the aforementioned mage and priest.

Well we scored again to make it 2-0, but then the Alliance did something that they seldom did when I was a member – they all grouped up and ran together, and long story short – they won 3-2. Even at one point tied 2-2, I made a statement while we were all grouped up following a cap to run together, and before I knew it 4 of them ran to intercept the full Alliance squad mounted heading to get our flag.  Un…be…lievable.

Can’t win ’em all.  66 HK’s between Gadgetzan and this lone game of Warsong Gulch, taking me up to 243 and on pace to hit 100k sometime in the year 2020.


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