When I made the switch to my new server I did so with 5 friends who had now accumulated together on our PvE hellhole.  When the proposition of a reroll came up, I volunteered to create a level 1 character alongside everyone else until we reached level 55 or so, at which point I would create my current Death Knight.  I played a Blood Elf Paladin up until level 30, but then sudden leveling spurts by 2 of my crew have led me to drop the Paladin and get to work on my Death Knight.

I have queued up Jame’s level 59-60 guides in the Plaguelands to begin my leveling, but before I start I have been doing a lot of backtracking on the things that DK’s lack starting out with.  It would be foolish to venture to Hellfire Peninsula and have to pass over the Fel-Iron nodes because my mining is not high enough, much in the same light of having to bypass gemming my gear because my jewelcrafting is better suited for a level 15 character.  At this point I am also ill-equipped to cook the Hellboar’s meat, to fish from a node or to create Heavy Netherweave Bandages.  DK’s may be able to level from 60-70 without requiring bandages or meals, but I certainly wouldn’t consider doing so without taking up valuable inventory room.

So my present adventure takes place in Gadgetzan, as I am currently running thru Thousand Needles to raise my mining from 125-175 in order to move to Mithril.  I hop on a manticore and fly to Gadgetzan just because I wanted to start closer to Shimmering Flats, but immediately upon landing I see a Horde Hunter fire upon a passing level 80 Night Elf Priest, only to be netted and killed by Gadgetzan Bruisers.  Ahh, “some things never change” is what I think to myself, and proceed into the city.


In my day Gadgetzan was just crawling with hostility.  The city was constantly packed as Tanaris was a great zone for leveling in the early 50’s, and ranged damage classes like Hunters and Mages constantly camped on top of the Inn and would slaughter basically everyone who came to town without repercussion.  One of my first observations of the city was that I noticed a Gadgetzan Sniper on top of the inn – apparently that one has been fixed.  What also seems to have changed is that now guards will group together and go out after someone, versus back then it was whoever was in the vicinity – now if you screw up in town, all of them are coming after you.

Regardless, another reason I went to Gadgetzan was to gain the ability to buy Noggenfogger Elixirs, as changing my identity is something that I have always enjoyed doing.  I mean, it serves no purpose – you’re name still shows red to the Alliance, but that, Savory Deviate Delights and the Orb of Deception are all items I covet as character.  As I exited out of Gadgetzan to the south I saw a lone Tauren getting gangraped by 4 alliance.  I knew that I couldn’t live with myself if I let it happen, so I went over to mercilessly slaughter 2 of them while a priest feared me (trinket was down) and ran into the city.  No HK’s on that because the Alliance were early level 40’s, but fun nonetheless.  I completed my quest as well as Sprinkle’s quest that sends you to The Hinterlands, and before the night was over I was able to buy 40 Noggenfogger Elixirs before asking myself, “what was I down here to do again?”


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