I came back to playing World of Warcraft after a 3-year hiatus in which I assumed I would never see the game again.  A former guildmate of mine had linked up with someone who had recently began playing for the first time, and he began sending me scrolls of resurrection.  I denied them for a few months, but when my Xbox 360 red-ringed on me I was doomed.

I came back to play on their server as an Alliance Death Knight, and by the time I reached level 80 I was in a fairly disgusted frame of mind.  See, my only real purpose in MMO’s is to PvP, and after playing on a PvE server to level 80 I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Before leaving the US-Cyclone Battlegroup, my Warsong Gulch results were approximately 0 for my last 15, with similar numbers in Arathi Basin and Eye of the Storm. My ratio of winning Alterac Valley was largely lopsided, but was so because the Alliance always dominated with typically 40 players on 12.  Even Strand of the Ancients, the BG that most said the Alliance had a natural advantage in, we were getting crushed.

I don’t need to win every battleground or skirmish I take part in, but continued incompetency just made it too hard to stick around.  Couple that with how much more I enjoyed playing under a Horde banner and on a PvP server, and it turns out that it wasn’t too hard to decide on a re-roll.  After creating my new Orc Death Knight and leveling him past the starting area, I jumped right into the battlegrounds upon getting to Orgrimmar.  I queued up all 3 possible battlegrounds because it’s always a good idea to have an out-plan if you stumble into one drooling with idiocy, and if you don’t go that route you’re stuck with the deserter debuff that will keep you from entering battlegrounds for 10 minutes.

The first fight was in WG, where after a 1-1 tie we went on to win 3-1. We all went together into the flag room and capped our first flag within a few minutes by the fairly standard offensive group of 8 with 2 defenders. While playing Alliance you sometimes saw this as well, but generally you had 4 of those first 8 characters veer off of the flag run to attack that lone Horde character in the middle of the BG because they had a chance at a 4 on 1. Nevermind you would lose the flag by doing so, but hey, they farmed an honorable kill. After the Alliance snuck a cap to tie the score, without communication we fell into a 6-man defense at the ramp preventing people from going tunnel and dismounting them before they could get into the base, with at least 3 others gunning for the Alliance flag at all times. When they would emerge from the tunnel, we picked them up midway and they coasted for the score. It was like an unspoken knowledge of what to do and how to do it, and it was bred into everyone on the horde side as to how to win. After playing an Alliance character for 4 months, it was just sweet justice to finally win another match of WG.

Second fight was in AB, where I came in down 190-140. We occupied the Blacksmith and Stable nodes, and were capping the Mine as I came in. Throughout the rest of the match we only lost the BS twice, and neither of which ended in an Alliance cap. There were people at every node and we often occupied choke points on the downside of the LM hill and the BS people were always mobile in moving between areas. We occupied 4 nodes quite a bit of times, but we still maintained defense everywhere. It was beautiful. The best part of the BG was when we were sitting at chokepoints, some Alliance DK would always come down the hill trying to Death Grip someone up onto it, despite the fact there were 4 of us at the bottom waiting on him. Even if he luckily gripped someone up to him, the other 2 DK’s standing there (me included) was just bringing him right back down a triple team before the fourth comes back to finish him off.  Anyway, every time he would get gripped down to us and we’d slaughter him, and then the rest of the pack rode down after rezzing without him in it – it was like lambs to the slaughter. I had seen idiotic things like this far too often on the other side, so to be on the good guys’ team again was just bliss.

Last match was in AV, and as expected it was 40 on 12 (I was just on the other side of the coin). I ran out of the tunnel and was trailing a Tauren Druid, but saw a Gnome DK chasing him down to intercept him. I wasn’t having a problem killing him but the damndest thing happened…the druid came back to heal me! Hmm, a considerate teammate in a PuG BG? After that we moved over to snipe a lone rider trying to get to Drek, and before too long were accompanied by now all 14 people in the BG. We took the final GY flag in a situation where we killed all the guards and rezzed Alliance before attempting to do so, and just seeing that happen was completely contrary to the Alliance method of all 14 people racing to get credit for the cap while one Horde AE would break it for everyone. Our group of 14 stayed at the entrance to the Frostwolf camp and killed some 30 people trying to come in, with a few sustained fights against small groups of Alliance.

All in all, 10 deaths yesterday and 176 HK’s. I picked up the “Know Thy Enemy”, “The Grim Reaper”, “That Takes Class” and “100 Honorable Kills” all in my first day. I didn’t die at all in the AV instance, and was never solo in AB or WG. While this experience isn’t exactly the greatest story to start off a blog, it was enough to make me want to chronicle them on my way to a milestone I may never likely reach.


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